Since 1971, Paris Mineral Show is the unmissable meeting place for merchants and lovers of:


  • Minerals, Fossils and Meteorites

  • Carved or polished fine stones (spheres, statuettes, miscellaneous objects)

  • Gems (cut stones)

  • Gemstone jewellery (including coral and cultured pearls)


This year, approximately 200 exhibitors from around the world and 5,000 visitors are expected.


There is no place in the show: synthetic or artificially coloured stones, as well as all products that are not directly related to fine and precious stones (with the exception of fossils and meteorites). Moreover, the jewellery must be mounted on noble and natural materials (gold, silver, wood...). Materials such as glass or plastic are prohibited.

Mineral Expo Paris is:


  • A faithful audience since 1971
  • A few days before Christmas...
  • A consumer show (retail)
  • Quality customers with high purchasing power
  • 200 exhibitors carefully selected
  • 5000 visitors

Some good reasons to participate in Paris Mineral Show :

  • Enjoy the prestige of Paris, a city of luxury and lights, and access a quality clientele with high purchasing
  • A few days before Christmas, enjoy the impact of the holiday season! From small purchases to larger gifts,
    visitors rarely leave the show empty-handed.
  • Loyal and motivated visitors: over the years, Minéral Expo Paris has retained a large audience that would not miss this event under any circumstances!
  • A very varied public sharing a common interest in stones: collectors in search of new pieces, people to
    the search for original jewelry or cut stones to be mounted, public come to find original Christmas gifts, buyers of large jewelry houses coming to stock up in gems, or followers of «lithotherapy» interested in the supposed benefits of stones.
  • Carefully selected exhibitors to ensure the quality and diversity of the products on display.
  • Benefit from the benefits of active communication with 15,000 visitors who voluntarily communicated their
    contact informations.
  • Whether you have just launched your business or simply want to develop it, participating in Minéral Expo Paris is a great way to quickly make yourself known to a wide audience interested in your field of activity.