Booth prices will be indicated in the registration file. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to be informed on this point now.


During April, registration files are automatically sent to exhibitors of the last 2 editions as well as to people who have contacted us in the last 24 months. If you are not in these categories, click here to apply for a registration record.
Registration forms must be returned to us BEFORE THE 30 OF JUNE (after this date, contact us to find out if there are any availabilities). The stands are allocated within the limits of available places, according to the following methods:
  • Exhibitors present at previous editions have priority if they register before JUNE 30.
  • For new exhibitors, in most cases, the award of a booth can only be confirmed at the beginning of September (depending on the number of former exhibitors registered on 30 June). The selection between the new dossiers is made on the basis of the products exhibited (originality, quality, etc.).
    Don't hesitate to apply: places are always available from one year to the next and we usually manage to assign a stand to exhibitors whose activity meets the quality standards of the show. In any case, to make an application, please send us your registration file before 30 June (after this date, contact us to find out about any availability).


    Linear stands (rows of tables laid end to end in a straight line)
    • Table Depth: 75 cm
    • You pay according to the length of your stand (between 1 and 15 linear metres)
    • Tables and chairs provided
    • Possibility to install your possible structures (display cases or other furniture) on the tables provided, or instead of the latter. In the latter case, inform us in advance.
    • Electrical Booths
    • Provide extra lighting to better showcase your products!


      Possibility to rent different types of showcases from our two partners:
      • TOUT’EXPO – Monsieur CHARDON (+33 6 07 34 44 17)
      • EXPO GAMMA – Monsieur DILMI (+33 7 51 664 029)
      They deliver and collect them directly on site. Equipped with lighting, these windows will allow you to showcase your products. You can find more information on window rental in the registration file.


      During closed hours, all access to the room is closed and a guard service is provided by a team of professionals.


      Possibility to rent a place in the underground parking of the Espace Charenton.


      Are you an exhibitor whose registration has been confirmed* and need a visa? Send us a photocopy of the passport of the person(s) requiring a letter of invitation (
      We will send you these letters of invitation by return of mail so that you can present them to the Embassy of France of which you depend.
      *Written confirmation (mail or email) received from Paris Mineral Show. We don’t issue invitation letters to exhibitors whose registration is not confirmed.


      • Unloading and installation: the day before the show (Thursday) from 3:30pm to 9pm, and from 8am to 10am on Friday morning (before opening to the public).
      • Repacking: at the end of the show (Sunday evening) from 18:00 to 23:00.
        Registration files are automatically sent to exhibitors of the last 2 editions as well as to people who have contacted us in the last 24 months. They are sent in the summer.
        If you are not one of the recipients mentioned above, please complete the form below in order to receive a registration package.