Since 1971, Paris Mineral Show offers a magic immersion in the fascinating world of fine and precious stones.


Over 200 exhibitors from around the world give the public the opportunity to admire and acquire cheaply the wonders of nature in all its forms :


puce Rough stones: Minerals and Crystals collection for young and old !

puce Cut stones to raise (Gems)

puce Original and unique jewelry in natural stones and precious metals

puce Carved or polished stones (spheres, statuettes, various objects)

puce Fossils

puce Meteorites


From raw stone to jewel, discover all facets of the stones !

Some good reasons to visit Mineral Expo Paris :


puce Access a considerable offer to suit all budgets and doing good business !


puce Marvel at a fabulous diversity of stones with many shapes and colors, which flicker illuminate the space Charenton,


puce Understand the history and origin of the stone, how they are mined, cut and mounted jewel,


puce Discover talented jewelry designer whose sublime work the stone,


puce Share authentic moments with exhibitors from around the world rave about the wealth of their country and happy to share their knowledge and passion for the stones,


puce Make identify your free stones,


puce Unearth original Christmas gifts for your loved ones!



The show in some numbers :


puce 49th edition

puce Nearly 200 exhibitors

puce Over 20 countries represented

puce 2000 m² exhibition

puce More than 5000 visitors expected