Each year, over 200 exhibitors from around the world present their latest discoveries or creations.


More than 20 countries represented: Australia, India, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Poland, Pakistan, Russia ... but also, closer to Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK...


Exhibitors from various profiles :


puce Merchants minerals (rough stones crystallized) , fossils and meteorites

puce Lapidary (specialists in stone cutting)

puce Traders in gems (carved stones), most gemologists training

puce Creators or distributors of fine jewelry and gemstones


They have in common that connoisseurs passionate about their work and the wonders of nature they offer for sale.


A rigorous selection to ensure quality and diversity


Our exhibitors are carefully selected by our staff in order to guarantee the quality and diversity of the exhibits. We preserve for decades and the satisfaction of our visitors who find the quality products at reasonable prices lounge.


Come and share rich, authentic moments with exhibitors from around the world !



In addition to traditional merchants , several organizations and associations benchmark in mineralogy and gemology animate informative character stands aimed to discover the exciting world of the public, including through microscopic observations.


You can buy books and magazines of all kinds, make contact with gemological training institutes, and even to identify your stones free!


We thank the following organizations for the information and knowledge available to the public:


puceFAG : French Association of Gemology

puceCRG : Gemological Research Center of the University of Nantes

puceNIG : National Institute of Gemology

puceThe School of Gems : training center in Gemology

puceMinerals Collection of the Faculty of Jussieu

puceAssociation « Micromonteurs »

puceReview "The Mineral Kingdom"

puceRevue « Fossiles »